New Issue of Nur-the Light | Eid: Sun, August 19th

Our July-August, 2012 issue of Nur-the Light Magazine is now available. On the cover is a partial picture of the mighty Milky Way Galaxy. The Utterance of the Stars by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi is an exemplary meditation of how the stars speak to us as signs of God’s Power:

Our stamp is one; our seal is one; we are mastered by our Sustainer;

We glorify Him through our subjugation;

We recite His Names; we are each of us in ecstasy, a member of the

mighty circle of the Milky Way.

We wish our readers a blessed Ramadan as we approach the end in these last ten days, and a fruitful Layla-tul Qadr. Enjoy the Eid Festival on Sunday, August 19, 2012 ̶ according to the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Turkish Republic.

In closing, we would like to encourage all of our readers to support our services by subscribing to Nur-the Light Magazine. Even better, help spread the word of the phenomenal Risale-i Nur Collection and subscribe your friends and family members too! The cost for residents of the United States is only $20 annually. Simply visit this link and click on the magazine cover to subscribe: Nur-the Light Magazine.


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